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Historic Hendersonville Tour starts its second year.

The Historic Hendersonville Tour starts the season again Saturday, June 2. This is the second year for the tour which has been well received by locals as well as several travel agencies and out of town guests. This year several new tour guides, including Rick Huhn, will be taking the mic to guide passengers through the history and lore of Henderson County.
For the first time souvenirs of the tour will be available.
A new trolley will be introduced for the tour in two weeks. Ariel, a Chance Trolley, has been purchased for the tour. Its previous home was in Memphis where it was named after the music performer Ray Stevens. It is being refurbished for the tour and other events.
Eva Ritchey, creator of the Historic Hendersonville Tour is excited about beginning a second year. "A new season is always exciting. We learned a lot last year. This year we have increased our internet presence and as a result have received a great deal more interest from places like Charlotte and Knoxville. Our goal has always been to bring more tourists dollars to our area which helps everyone. We are hopeful that we can have an even better year than last year."
John Pauwels, co-owner of The Trolley Company added, "We are glad that we can add the trolley experience to the tour. People seem to like a trolley being part of the tour. Although it would be less expensive we have no plans to use another type vehicle. The trolley makes it fun."
The tour starts at The Hampton Inn in Hendersonville and begins at 9 a.m. and ends at 12:15 p.m. More information on the tour can be found online at