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Apple crop looks good, though drought is a threat

Judy Peyton appeals to the Henderson County commissioners to help homeowners fighting Duke Energy's proposed transmission line through the county.

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

Transmission line puts commissioners 'in a gun fight without bullets'

Faced with a crowd opposed to a 40-mile transmission line Duke Energy wants to run through Henderson County, county commissioners expressed frustration with their lack of power to influence the project and assured the constituents they would do what they can to minimize harmful effects.   Read Story »

Henderson County News

WHKP pulls out of Channel 11 agreement

The Henderson County Board of Commissioners on Monday accepted WHKP’s withdrawal from its partnership to provide background audio for the county-operated cable channel, ending a 16-year agreement.   Read Story »

Baby Girl is getting more sociable. [PHOTO COURTESY OF MARY CERVINI]

Henderson County News

Baby Girl gets a bath

Mike and Mary Cervini, who caught the "town dog" Baby Girl five weeks ago and arranged for surgery to remove a large tumor from her belly, reported new progress for their celebrity rescue. She had a bath, is getting more sociable and is switching from a nocturnal to a daytime schedule.   Read Story »

Henderson County News

Ask Matt ... about wrong-way funeral processions

Q. Why do funeral processions start facing the wrong way on Church Street?   Read Story »

Henderson County News

'Prairie Home Companion' farewell tour coming to Brevard

A Prairie Home Companion, the long-running National Public Radio show hosted by Garrison Keillor, is coming to Brevard for its farewell tour.   Read Story »

Four Seasons Politics

Four Seasons Politics


Transmission line puts commissioners 'in a gun fight without bullets'

Edney rips DSS's record in reuniting kids, parents

Meadows move to depose speaker fractures N.C. delegation

Tea Party group organizes demonstration to support Meadows

Meadows: Move to oust speaker is about 'broken Washington'

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Michael Edney

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

Edney rips DSS's record in reuniting kids, parents

Michael Edney wants to know why Henderson County does a poor job reuniting children and their biological parents after social workers remove a child from the home.   Read Story »

Henderson County Opinion

LIGHTNING EDITORIAL: Conservancy gets important win

A horse farm owner and the Carolina Mountain Land Conservancy wisely settled a bitter two-year-old fight in a way that satisfies both sides and preserves the land conservancy’s power to enforce conservation easements.   Read Story »

Stella Mace (left) and Madison Moss help Dr. George A. Jones cut the cake celebrating his 95th birthday.

Henderson County News

Jones urges 'younger generation' to write history

Dr. George A. Jones wants the younger generation to step up and take on the work of researching and chronicling local history.   Read Story »

Property owners getting tax bills

Kleenex spotlights Special Needs Baseball

Fletcher man sentenced for Dollar General robbery

County on sidelines for Duke transmission line debate

Meadows move to depose speaker fractures N.C. delegation

Q&A: What to expect on transmission line

Museum hosts birthday party for George Jones

Box office sales surge for James Taylor-Carole King tribute