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HHS senior: Why 1926 building matters to me

State Rep. Chuck McGrady speaks at the IAM groundbreaking on Nov. 12.

Hendersonville Four Seasons Politics

McGrady, Apodaca still mum on re-election

Speaking to a business group last week, State Rep. Chuck McGrady touted the achievements of this year’s legislative session, predicted a shorter and less substantive session next year and stopped short of answering the question most on the minds of political spectators.   Read Story »

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Hendersonville Four Seasons Politics

Alumni president: Renovation cheaper, safer than new school

The president of the Hendersonville High School Alumni Association says cost comparisons between renovation of HHS and a brand new school leave out the unknown pricetag of renovating the 1926 building for another use.   Read Story »

Tags: 2015-16 capital construction plans

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