Tuesday, October 25, 2016
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AVL raises short-term parking rate

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Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

Q&A: Copelof favors, Henson opposes HB2 repeal

The candidates for the 113th state House District differ sharply on repeal of HB2, expanding Medicaid and on the proposed Ecusta Trail. But Republican Cody Henson parts ways with his party on school vouchers, saying the state should invest to make public schools better before sending public dollars to private schools.   Read Story »

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics


This School Board election season has brought a welcome change for voters who dutifully study the candidates and go to the polls. The 2016 election has issues that matter locally — and that the School Board can influence — and it has an abundance of smart, energetic candidates, both incumbents and challengers.   Read Story »

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