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Henderson County Business

SERPENTINE SOLUTION Part 2: How visionary leaders achieved a radical change and saved downtown

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Second of the Lightning’s two-part report on how the transformative streetscape change in 1976 made Hendersonville’s downtown sustainable for decades to come.   Read Story »

Tags: Historic Downtown Hendersonville | Jody Barber | Serpentine Solution | Kermit Edney

Henderson County Business

SERPENTINE SOLUTION: How a Colorado model inspired Hendersonville's downtown revitalization

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In 1963 a downtown revitalization project known as Operation Foresight transformed Grand Junction, Colorado, and became a national model for stemming the flight of shoppers to the suburbs. Twelve years later, a group of city leaders in Hendersonville used the model to completely update the streetscape of our Main Street here. This week we launch our two-part report on how Grand Junction invented the serpentine solution and how city leaders adopted the S-shaped model here to save downtown for generations.   Read Story »

Tags: downtown Hendersonville | Historic Downtown Hendersonville | Main Street makeover projects | Jody Barber | Serpentine Solution | Grand Junction | Kermit Edney