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Mills River

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Mills River residents hot about waterway access

Mills River News

River trespassing complaints 'a very gray area' for law enforcement

In a dispute over access to the Mills River, anglers and others who enjoy the river insist that their right to use the waterway is clear. The landowner they say is trying to restrict that use, farmer Jason Davis, is equally confident that he’s within his rights to insist that people ask permission to be on his property along the river.   Read Story »

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Dump trucks have hauled off 300,000 cubic yards of dirt from a site at N.C. 280 and South Mills River Road.

Mills River Business

Ask Matt ... for the dirt on the dump truck traffic

Q. What is happening to the property on the corner of South Mills River Road and N.C. 280 across from Valley Ag Farm and Garden? It looks like they are taking down the entire hill.   Read Story »

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