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Dana Business

Latino population expands footprint and economic clout across the county

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FIRST IN A SERIES The greater Latino community is growing, evolving and poised to be a key population sector in Henderson County’s future. Guest Editor Matt Matteson — better known to Lightning readers as Ask Matt — spent months researching, reporting, interviewing Latino residents, Latino advocates and others for this in-depth a look at the cultural, economic and labor-market influence of a growing community.   Read Story »

Tags: Latinos | migrant workers

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

YouTube video on Trump visit sets off social media firestorm

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Social media has been blowing up this week after a Hendersonville physician posted a YouTube video that ripped President Trump’s visit to a Mills River farm and suggested that migrant farmworkers, not the "captains of agribusiness," do the work that feeds America.   Read Story »

Tags: farming | Scott Donaldson | farm labor | migrant workers

Henderson County News

Supporters of 287g urge county to keep ICE partnership

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Tags: immigration | 287g | migrant workers