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Asheville News

Serial tax evader sent to prison, ordered to pay IRS $2.2 million

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An Asheville orthodontist who stopped paying income taxes in 1996 was sentenced to five years in prison and ordered to pay $2.2 million to the IRS, U.S. Attorney Andrew Murray announced.   Read Story »

Tags: taxes | white-collar crime

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

Tax referendum may be a long shot

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The city’s request for a quarter-cent sales tax referendum faces an uphill battle in a Legislature resistant to local tax measures.   Read Story »

Tags: taxes | 2019-20 local budgets | sales tax

Henderson County News

Facing rising costs, city may seek sales tax referendum

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Hendersonville City Council members had endured two days of financial forecasts, volleyed 10 “revenue options” and seen their feedback memorialized on sticky notes a facilitator plastered onto poster board when Councilman Steve Caraker pitched his ask for the next budget get-together.   Read Story »

Tags: local government budgets | taxes | 2019 reappraisal

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

Lapsley wonders if county has too much money

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Tags: local budgets | Bill Lapsley | local government budgets | taxes

Henderson County Four Seasons Politics

LIGHTNING EDITORIAL: Towns push back on county fees

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Henderson County administrators and the elected Board of Commissioners are quick to criticize the state Legislature when the state body delays critical decisions that affect the county budget.   Read Story »

Tags: volunteer fire departments | local budgets | local government budgets | taxes

Flat Rock Four Seasons Politics

LIGHTNING EDITORIAL: County demands cities raise taxes

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The proposal by the Henderson County Board of Commissioners to force Flat Rock to pay for the cost of law enforcement would be folly even if the discussion of the idea had not been based on a $620,000 error.   Read Story »

Tags: Flat Rock Village Council | local government budgets | taxes