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Medicare supplier adding 50 jobs

All-States Medical Supply is more than doubling its staff in the next two months to meet the demands of a recently awarded Medicare contract.

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Medicare just released their list of only 18 contract suppliers who won the bids for the national mail-order program for diabetes supplies. These will be the only companies allowed to provide supplies to the six million people with Diabetes on Medicare.

Two years ago, All-States Medical Supply, on Old Hendersonville Road in Fletcher, was approved to provide supplies to nine areas nationwide, so this expanded territory means the company needs to grow qucikly to be ready for the demand when the new contract goes into effect on July 1st.

"In 2011, we learned how to handle an increase in call volume when we won the initial nine area contract," company president Marcus Suess said in a news release. "Because our company's name starts with an 'A', we are at the top of the provider list and expect an even higher call volume than most."
The increased demand means the company plans to grow from 40 employees to 90 in the next two months. Open positions are primarily for customer care representatives and medical records, but will also include a few positions in billing and shipping departments. All positions are permanent 40 hours a week, Monday through Friday, with most starting wages at $10.50 an hour. Candidates with previous customer service experience are preferred.

JobLink at Blue Ridge Community College is assisting with the hiring process and will be accepting resumes for All-States Medical Supply by fax at 828-694-1698, email at or in person (preferred method) at JobLink at Blue Ridge Community College at 180 West Campus Drive in Flat Rock, North Carolina. All questions should be directed to Daniel Harris at 828-694-1755. More detailed information can be found on their website at

Established in 1998, the family-owned company provides patients top quality home medical supplies with a convenient home delivery program that is available nationwide.