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Click here to see preview of locally made movie

The first official trailer for "Shadows on the Wall," the sci-fi motion picture filmed in Hendersonville this past winter, is now available online at Shadows movie..

"After months of work, I'm thrilled that we have the first trailer for 'Shadows' ready to share," producer Anderson Ellis said in a news release. "As the producer of the film, it's been great seeing all the elements come together to give the public a first glimpse at our project. We're continuing to edit the film and aim to have it completed late this year."


The website contains links to social media as well as behind-the-scenes content to provide updates about the film during the post-production process.

Filmed at the old Grey Hosiery Mill and on location in the Hendersonville area, "Shadows on the Wall" follows college student Palmer Marshall as he builds a device capable of reaching beyond the planet in unimaginable ways but which also brings unintended and ominous consequences.

The film was made by Obsidian Collective, a creative media firm based in Hendersonville made up of film, television and media professionals from around the country. The company’s previous feature film, “Sol,” is being distributed worldwide.