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Moyer to serve 3rd term as Pardee chair

The Pardee Hospital Board of Director unanimously re-elected Bill Moyer as chairman after changing the bylaws to allow him to serve a third year as the board's leader.

"It's not something I anticipated but it'll work," Moyer said of his re-election.
Other officers re-elected were Walter Carpenter as vice chair, Bill Smith as treasurer and Dr. Peter Goodfield as secretary.
In a restructuring, the board of directors grew from 11 to 15 voting members. The Pardee board nominates five, and the UNC Health Care System board and the Henderson County Board of Commissioners nominate three each; four seats are automatic appointments.
Terms are for three years but in order to stagger the terms of the restructured board initial terms were made for one, two or three years. When they expire, the seats will then become a three-year term.
The nominating bodies and board members are:

  • Nominated by UNC Health Care System: Dr. John Bell (one year), Bill Smith (two years), Bill Moyer (two years).
  • Nominated by the Board of Commissioners: Tommy Thompson (one year), Walter Carpenter (two years), Jack Summey (three years).
  • Nominated by the Pardee Board of Directors: Rita Conner (one year), Dr. Peter Goodfield (one year), Peggy Judkins (two years), Hall Waddell (three years), Dr. Bill Medina (three years).

Other board members, now voting members instead of ex officio, are UNC Health Care president Gary Park, County Commissioner Michael Edney, Pardee CEO Jay Kirby and Pardee Chief of Staff Dr. Ed Lilly.
The board also honored Fielding Lucas, who retired from the board at age 91.
"I learned from Fielding every time he was in the room," Kirby said. "I appreciated his thoughtfulness and I appreciated his preparation. No one can question his commitment to Pardee Hospital and this community."
Moyer relayed to the board conversation he had had with a Hendersonville resident who had recently been caring for a relative in the hospital.
"We have been dealing with Pardee Hospital for a very long time," Moyer said, quoting the person who sought him out at an event. "The difference in Pardee Hospital is so noticeable, and so obviously you're to be congratulated and please pass that on to the board."
"We're getting more of that," Moyer said, "about the change in attitude and change in quality of service. It's great for our hospital."