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Tax total beats target by $1.75M

Henderson County took in $1.75 million more in property taxes than its tax assessor projected a year ago, giving county leaders a windfall as they start the new budget year.

Tax Administrator Stan Duncan, who is the county's combined assessor and tax collector, told the Board of Commissioners last week reported property tax collections of $63.2 million, including $57.4 million in FY2013-14 property taxes, $5.8 million in motor vehicle taxes and $1.89 million in delinquent tax collections from prior years. The tax office achieved a 97.9 percent collection rate, beating its projected rate of 97 percent.
StanDuncan1Henderson County Tax Administrator Stan Duncan.The result was a $1,746,472 more than the projection used to adopt the budget in June 2013.
"We're looking at money that you can write a check on," Duncan told commissioners. "This is money that's in the bank at the close of business on June 30th."