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Dear Mr. Brittain ...

Paul Anderko Paul Anderko

Dear Congressman Madison Cawthorn and Mr. Jere Brittain,

I would like to set the record straight on Mr. Jere Brittain letter to the editor last week. I have been a lifelong conservative Republican for 50 years living in Chicago, Ft. Worth, Rock Hill and presently reside in Hendersonville.
I really enjoyed the lecture given to our new Congressman, but Madison Cawthorn is a Conservative who believes in the U.S. Constitution. He supported a 10-day review of the election to see if there was corruption, voter fraud and illegal states changing their laws. He stood as a leader trying to find “Truth, justice and the American way” to coin an old phase.
Only time will tell if Joe Biden was elected honestly. More than 75 million voters want to know the Truth. The Democratic Party leaders should have been happy to join us in the constitutional effort. Why are they scared of the truth?
Living in Chicago I have seen corruption in elections, dead people voting, stuffing ballots and ballots changed. I was proud of our new congressman wanting to find what happened on Nov. 6.
Last item, there is no conservative or Republican that wants to overthrow our nation. We want freedom and not the socialist government your party is seeking to change our way of life.
Our congressman will learn every day and we are very proud of him. God Bless Madison Cawthorn and Jere Brittain for their opinions.

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Paul Anderko is a retired sales manager for Simpson Door Co. for 34 years, former President of the Reaganites of York County, South Carolina, and a member of GPS Conservatives for Action. His opinion piece is in response to Jere Brittain’s Jan. 27 column.