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County GOP elects new chair

Chelsea Walsh was elected chair of the Henderson County Republican Party on March 27.

Chelsea Walsh vows to bring more community involvement, more young people and a more robust social media presence to the Henderson County Republican Party.

“I’m excited to bring in more voters, younger voters, excited for communications, outreach, excited to get out the vote, make sure we elect conservative candidates,” Walsh said in a Facebook video after she was elected chair on March 27. “It’s a great opportunity and I’m ready to go to work.”
An insurance agent and graduate of Appalachian State University, Walsh says her involvement with 25-year-old Madison Cawthorn’s successful campaign for Congress
“It honestly really inspired me,” she told the Republican Men’s Club on Jan. 27. “He really brought in the grassroots movement. He brought in a new generation of people, what I saw was children who wanted to come to his events because they had met other young people. We can bring in a diversified group of people without wavering on our platform, without wavering on our principles. I believe that we are that big tent party that we hear so much about. I think it’s time we can bring in a new group of people.”
Passage of the Affordable Care Act shaped her views.
“When I was in college, this was when Obamacare started, and I was thinking, ‘This is just not going to work.’ … I realized that big government hurts a lot of people.”
“My goals are community involvement, getting younger people involved and also having a presence on line,” she told the Republican gathering on Jan. 27. “You guys may not know a lot about Instagram but people my age use Instagram as a form of communication and the (county) Republican party has not updated theirs since 2018. They missed out on an entire election cycle. I believe I can be the person that can help and lead the way and teach and diversify.