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Mike Edney launches campaign website

Commissioner Michael Edney Commissioner Michael Edney

Twenty years ago, few people were regularly using the Internet. Political campaign managers soon discovered that the Internet was a great way to bypass conventional media and tell their candidates' story directly to voters and supporters — while tacking on a handy, easy to use "Donate" button. Political websites have been common in state and national campaigns since the late '90s.

Here in Henderson County, campaign websites have been slower to catch on, until this year.


Andrew Riddle launched his campaign for the Board of Commissioners by going live with his website. State Rep. Chuck McGrady launched a new website for the 2014 campaign.
This week three-term incumbent County Commissioner Michael Edney launched his new website this week with the slogan "Proven, Successful, Experience." Which, just to nitpick from the top, is either ungrammatical or violates parallel construction. Does he mean Edney is a candidate of "proven (and) successful experience," or should it have been cast as: "Proven. Successful. Experienced." OK, enough copy editing.
How about that experience?
On his website (, Edney says he kept campaign promises in "Education, Jobs, Healthcare and Emergency Services."
How did he do that?
"Mike has fully supported the relationship between Henderson County and Wingate University which led to the opening of the graduate programs for Masters of Business Education and Doctor of Pharmacy campus near downtown. He continues to support and work toward expanding Wingate's position and role within our community."
He makes the startling claim that he hatched the idea for the Pardee-UNC Health Care management agreement: "Mike has been the catalysis (sic, he means catalyst) behind the development of the relationship county-owned Pardee Hospital and the UNC Health Care."
And he offers a good synopsis of how come it was a good idea: "At a time of tremendous uncertainty in the future of healthcare in general and the tremendous obstacles in the horizon for a small, stand-alone hospital like Pardee, Mike had the foresight to see the necessity of creating an alliance and relationship with an internationally known and respected health care system. In consultation with others, he determined that UNC Health Care System was the best 'fit' for Pardee. .... They both share the same mission – to prove the highest quality of health care to our citizens, regardless of their ability to pay; and they are both owned by the Citizens whom they serve. After planting the seed for the partnering with UNCH, Mike has worked with the top UNCH officials, State officials, his fellow Commissioner and outstanding Pardee Hospital Trustees, to foster and nurture the relationship to the point where it is today." (He is one of the "outstanding Pardee Hospital Trustees.")
(Edney and three other county commissioners blocked the effort by Commissioner Bill O'Connor to put Pardee on the auction block in 2012.)
As for jobs, the county "has seen amazing economic growth as Edney has supported incentives resulting in more than $161 Million dollars in new investment in our County and the creation of over 600 new, high paying jobs. Not bad work for a recessionary environment!"
A graduate of Hendersonville High School, Edney supported the county's purchase of the Boyd Chevrolet property to "allow for the expansion of the previously landlocked Hendersonville High School campus."
What has he done for law enforcement? Supported funding for the 911 center upgrade, supported the new "peak time" ambulance crew and committed to a new EMS-Rescue Squad headquarters.
Edney, who was chairman of the Board of Commissioners when county officials and the Partnership for Economic Development recruited the Sierra Nevada Brewing Co. to Mills River, points to that gem of an achievement, too.
"As Mike met with the leaders of Sierra Nevada early in their process of selecting a site somewhere on the East Coast to build their facility economic incentives were discussed," he says. "But just as important as the incentives was the quality of life we offer in Henderson County. As a 7th generation native, husband and father of two school age kids, and a businessman/attorney for almost 30 years Mike was able to relate to the Grossman family all of what makes Henderson County such a special place to relocate their family. As a community we have so much to offer and Mike is a great pitchman for the County."
That's the beauty of a political website.
It lets Mike Edney be a great pitchman for Mike Edney, too.