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Mayoral candidate settles $60,000 zoning fine

FLAT ROCK — Flat Rock resident and mayoral candidate Bob Spitzen has settled a zoning dispute that led to a five-year court battle and a $60,000 fine.

Village zoning administrator Judy Boleman cited Spitzen in October 2010 for failing to get a certificate of zoning compliance after he built a backyard deck at his house at 5 Robert E. Lee Drive.
Last week Spitzen turned over a cashiers check for $16,000, covering the village’s legal fees in the case, and submitted a survey and zoning application.
“I granted a minor (setback) waiver, which I’m allowed to do,” said Boleman, who is also village administrator.
Spitzen also is in the process of getting a county building permit.
“I think legally we have settled it,” Spitzen said. But he’s still not happy. “They are doing everything they can to avoid doing what is truthful, what has veracity, what is forthright and what is decent. This is no way for people to run a government.”