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New shop opens in Flat Rock

Flat Rock store owner Kathryn Arnett poses in front of her store. Flat Rock store owner Kathryn Arnett poses in front of her store.

FLAT ROCK — Unique furniture, jewelry, gifts, art and more can be found at Hamilton Hill Home, a new store in Flat Rock.


The store, owned by Kathryn Arnett, is located in the Little Rainbow Row district of Flat Rock. Not visible from the road, the shop is in the basement of the Pepto-Bismol pink cottage that also houses The Portrait Source and Gallery Studio.

From San De Allende Mexico to Saluda, Arnette has gathered unique products for her shop.

"The products are eclectic," Arnette said. "I have unique things, like this blanket made from the fur of an Alpaca's throat, artwork and furniture."

The products fall into multiple categories. Artwork made by Arnette adorns the walls, bird houses crafted by a local Saluda artist hang outside on the fence and a fountain with two crows sits in the garden. The best part about the unusual products with a twist is that they're all affordable.

"This crow fountain, I'm asking $100 for it," Arnette said "but other stores in the area are asking $210."

Owning a retail store was foreign to Arnette, who primarily does interior design, but one day she decided "well, I'll open a shop." Though it's been an adventure, owning and operating a store comes with its own set of challenges.

"The biggest challenge was the renovation," Arnette said. "I renovated model homes for 25 years. I take an old space and remake into something new. This cottage was a challenge, but I had a goal."

When she bought the store it "needed a lot of work" but you would never know that now. Hand painted floors, burlap covered walls and an outside garden area brings the store to life. Arnette takes "normal Home Depot products and adds a twist."

The store's name, Hamilton Hill Home, pays homage to Arnette's grandparents.

"My grandmother came to Hendersonville in a covered wagon. She was a Hill and married a Hamilton," she said. "I'm the only offspring left and the name ends with me."

Hamilton Hill Home is open May through November, on Wednesday to Friday from 11 a.m. to 6 p.m. and Saturday 10 a.m. to 5 p.m.