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Volunteer profile: Carla Duncan, Boys & Girls Club

Carla Duncan

Boys & Girls Club


What do you do in your volunteer job?

“I work in the art room” for children K-5. “I help the children with different projects. Sometimes I just sit down and color with them one on one. I just do whatever comes up. Or I’ll just be a smile to them and ask them how their day went. I may be the only one who asks how their day went. K through 5th grade, some I see as gym and they’ll come up to me.

How long have you been volunteering?

“I’ve been around the club for about seven years but a full-fledged volunteer for about five years. My daughter, Bethany Adams, runs the art program.”

Why do you volunteer?

“Volunteering absolutely refuels me. My parents instilled in me at an early age how important it is to volunteer and give back and they modeled that for me my while life. My mom is 78 and has multiple disabilities and she still volunteers. It’s a wonderful feeling of giving back.”

What’s the best thing about volunteering?

“It’s seeing those kids’ faces’ smile and light up you when they see you and you’re picking up where you left off and asking how they’re feeling. You’re part of something bigger than yourself. If you make a difference in one child’s life it’s worth it.” How many kids are in the art room? “On Friday, it can be as small as five. Sometimes we’ve had 30 to 40 kids in a room and in the gym there’s a lot more.”

If someone is interested in volunteering, what is the best advice you would give based on your own experience?

“Wow. If you think you want to volunteer, don’t brush it off, act on it. Even if you’re having bad day just jump right in and volunteer. It’ll change your perspective. Friday is my day off (from her fulltime job). People ask me, ‘Why do you go in on your day off?’ I wouldn’t be anywhere else. My parents were in education their while lives so I understand the value of instilling values in children.”