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Volunteer profile: John Bell, Community Foundation of Henderson County

John Bell

Community Foundation of Henderson County


What do you do in your volunteer job?

“I was chairman and immediate past chair as of June 30. I helped with budget when I came on. I was on the board of the Boys and Girls Club and I moved over to the Community Foundation and that was probably 10 years ago. They moved me to the board about eight years ago. I stayed on the investment committee — in fact I’m still on the investment committee — and I serve on several different committees, even though I’m no longer on the board. After six years they figure that you’ve been around enough. As past chair you stay on two more years so I served eight years.”

How long have you been volunteering?

“Golly, I think in some form or another in a lot of different places for 40 or 50 years. I did the United Way when I got out of the service and volunteered with several civic clubs and of course time at church as well.” (St. John in the Wilderness.)

Why do you volunteer?

“I think it’s important to use your time, talent and treasure in many different ways and I try to do what I can. My experience has been in the investment field so I work on finance and investments. I think time is probably the most key thing you can provide. That’s what I’ve been able to do.”

What’s the best thing about volunteering?

“The best thing about volunteering is the satisfaction you get from contributing to a cause or to the community. It’s something that, if you haven’t volunteered, I think you might not understand. It’s the satisfaction of knowing that you’re doing something for others and not for yourself.”

If someone is interested in volunteering, what is the best advice you would give based on your own experience?

“I think the most important thing that anyone who volunteers needs to take into consideration is that they are interested and have passion for the organization. If you’re not interested and passionate about the nonprofit then you’re not a good volunteer. You have to have the time and be willing to commit the time but the key is you have to have an interest and passion. Sometimes you’ll find people that volunteer because their friend asked them to and they really don’t have an interest and they kind of fall by the wayside.”