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KnollsCam: Mama Bobcat is a mighty hunter

Thomas Brass was toiling in his moss garden when he spotted a bobcat strolling by carrying a white squirrel in her mouth.

His wildlife camera fimed the momma bobcat twice more with gray squirrels. Mighty hunter, he called her. Here's his account:

"Mom bobcat walked past me today with a white squirrel in her mouth. Her den is close by. I was working on my knees at the top of the moss garden when she came by about 40 feet away. She stopped a couple of times to glance at me but then continued on to her den. Here is a video of her returning with three different squirrels in the last four days.

"I think this is her fourth litter behind our home. One time we actually ran into each other on the trail. I started a conversation with her and she sat down and watched me from about 30 feet away as I checked a camera and then followed me in curiosity as I headed back down to the house. Another time she burst out of the underbrush chasing a chipmunk about 25 feet away from me. She stood and looked at me for a few seconds as I talked to her and then she wandered off. Sometimes she looks down at me from the waterhole. One of her very beautiful male offspring from two years ago still comes through about once per month. He was sleeping in a brush pile right behind our home for several months when he was about 1 years old and she tolerated him hanging around because he was from her litter."