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Bar issues disciplinary order to city attorney unrelated to city role

The North Carolina State Bar issued an order of discipline against City Attorney Angela Beeker for actions  relating to the closing her private practice  in 2010, the city announced in a news release Friday morning.

The order was issued as a result of Beeker’s self-reporting the escheatment of trust account funds that were not timely disbursed when she closed her real estate practice in 2010. The order imposes an inactive three-year suspension of her law license conditioned on compliance with certain conditions.
Absence of prior discipline, absence of dishonest or selfish motive, remorse regarding the matter, full disclosure to the Disciplinary Hearing Commission and a cooperative attitude toward the proceedings were all factors considered in the case, the city said. Beeker disbursed or refunded all escheated funds from her personal funds.
“Ms. Beeker has been an asset to the City and has been instrumental in the City’s accomplishments since her appointment in September 2020,” City Manager John Connet said in the news release. “She made City Council aware of this matter before the complaint was filed or the matter was heard by the Hearing Panel. Based on circumstances and the conditions of the order, City Council has determined that this will not impact her ability to continue serving as City Attorney. Important to City Council was Ms. Beeker’s self-reporting, acceptance of responsibility for this matter, and the other mitigating factors outlined in the order.”
“I sincerely apologize to everyone affected by this matter and deeply regret any negative reflection that this may have on other members of the legal profession,” Beeker said in a statement. “I am truly grateful to the City Council for its support, and I look forward to moving past this and continuing to serve this City of Hendersonville.”
When asked why Ms. Beeker reported herself to the state bar after such a long period of time, she replied, “It was the right thing to do, I felt it was the right thing to do.”