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City responds to Edney manifesto

The Hendersonville City Council on Wednesday responded to Henderson County Commissioner Mike Edney's proposal to reshape water and sewer extensions and other local government roles by saying that city residents are county residents, too, and also pay property taxes to support services.

Here is the City Council's statement:

The Hendersonville City Council has been made aware of Henderson County Commissioner Mike Edney’s statement regarding the relationship between Henderson County and its municipalities. The City Council would like to provide the following statement:
The City Council would like to remind Commissioner Edney that municipal residents are Henderson County residents and pay county property taxes in the same manner as residents outside of municipal limits. Therefore, the unreimbursed services mentioned in the statement are services that should be provided to all county residents regardless of where they live. In addition, county residents utilize municipal services (parks, law enforcement, fire services) even though they may not live within a municipality or pay municipal taxes.
The City Council does not believe the news media is an appropriate or productive venue to address all of Commissioner Mike Edney’s statements. However, we welcome the opportunity to discuss areas where Henderson County and its municipalities can collaborate to provide efficient services to all our residents. Future collaboration must be mutually beneficial to all jurisdictions involved.”