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Local company to film movie here

The Obsidian Collective, a Hendersonville based film company, will begin filming a sci-fi suspense called "Shadows on the Wall" in western North Carolina in January.

"I'm thrilled to incorporate this area into a project like 'Shadows.' It's going to be great," said Ben Carland, writer/director of the film. "The film will utilize local talent as well as actors and craftsmen from around the country. We're going to have a wonderful melting pot of talent going on here."
Featured actors include Nicole Durant, Tim Fox and Chris Kauffmann, all based in Los Angeles. Ms. Durant, a Buncombe County native, will be returning to Western North Carolina for the project. Local talent will include radio personality George Henry of WTZQ and several performers from around the region.

"Shadows on the Wall" follows Palmer Marshall, a college student, as he builds a device capable of reaching beyond our planet in unimaginable ways. Unfortunately, his creation has unintended and ominous consequences. Sometimes success is more dangerous than failure.

The Obsidian Collective is a creative media firm based in Western North Carolina. The team is composed of film, television and media professionals from around the country. The company's previous feature film, "Sol," is now being distributed worldwide. For more information please call (828) 442-5538 or visit