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KnollsCam: Bobcat roams the woods, feasts on squirrels

Thomas Brass's backyard wildlife cam has caught a lot of amazing shots over the years.

This bobcat video is another fabulous example. (Warning: The starring bobcat is a successful hunter of squirrels.)

"Bobcats are much more numerous in NC than most people realize," Brass tells his YouTube viewers," Brass tells his YouTube viewers. "Approximately 90,115 according to a survey of state wildlife management agencies in each of the 48 contiguous states." (Source: Nathan M. Roberts, Shawn M. Crimmins: Bobcat Population Status and Management in North America: Evidence of Large-Scale Population Increase.)

"I typically happen upon them in the woods a couple times per year," Brass goes on. "One time a young one was hunting about 30 feet away in some brush. He popped out, saw me and walked away.

"Another time I was on my way to checking a trail cam and a female bobcat that has raised 4 litters behind our home was coming toward me from the opposite direction on the path. When we saw each other we both stopped about 40 feet apart. I began talking to her calmly. She then jumped up on a fallen tree and just sat there and watched me check the cam. When I was done I continued talking to her softly and she followed me for a ways as I went back down to the house. Talking calmly to the animals (and not staring at them) is something I learned many years ago while doing wildlife photography. It seems to help them relax a bit. Holding still and being very quiet makes them nervous."