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City brands water as 'Mountains on Tap'

The city of Hendersonville this week is celebrating Drinking Water Week, recognizing the vital role water plays in everyday life for both water professionals and the communities they serve.

“Our water, here in Hendersonville, is some of the best-tasting water in the state," Utilities Director Lee Smith said. “Our team works diligently to provide our community with clean and safe drinking water every day around the clock. We are very proud of what we do for our customers and our community.”

The city also introduced a new logo and brand for the high-quality tap water the city of Hendersonville has been providing customers for more than 100 years. Hendersonville Water & Sewer developed the brand name and logo ‘Mountains on Tap: Locally Sourced – Quality Assured’ to promote awareness of the local water supply as well as the processes and dedicated utility staff responsible for supplying water to approximately 75,000 people across Hendersonville and Henderson County.

“It is important to build consumer confidence and trust in the water we provide to our local community,” said Hendersonville Water and Sewer Utilities Engineer Adam Steurer. “Hendersonville’s tap water originates from two sources within Pisgah National Forest and a third source from the Mills River. The water treatment process is monitored 24-7 and undergoes stringent testing before traveling through over 680 miles of pipes to customer taps.”

When presenting the new tap water brand and logo to City Council at its April 26 meeting, Steurer emphasized the importance of building upon the existing trust customers have in local water infrastructure and instilling the value of high-quality water. He also discussed the affordability of Hendersonville tap water by providing a cost breakdown of various bottled water alternatives costing between $1.40 to $10.52 per gallon compared to Hendersonville’s tap water, which costs less than 1 cent per gallon and is delivered directly to customers’ homes.

During Thursday’s City Council meeting, Mayor Barbara Volk declared May 7-13 Drinking Water Week in the City of Hendersonville. The community can check out City of Hendersonville social media all week for Drinking Water Week information. Hendersonville’s Water Treatment Plant also offers facility tours throughout the year to groups or individuals interested in learning more about the water treatment process. Visit for more information.