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Scholarship winners announced

The Community Foundation of Henderson County announced its scholarship recipients for the 2023-24 academic year after the foundation’s Board of Directors approved 256 awards totaling $550,900 in new and renewed grants.

New scholarship awards totaling $225,075 will support 107 local students seeking a higher degree. In addition, $325,825 will support 143 awards renewing for recipients continuing their college education.
For most students and their families, tuition cost is a critical consideration when deciding to attend college. Scholarships are part of the equation to help students not only pay for college, but also succeed while they are there. Lifting financial burdens allows students time to focus on their studies, explore campus activities, and work through internships — ultimately building their careers and giving back to community.
Because of the tremendous generosity of donors who established scholarship funds at Community Foundation of Henderson County, hundreds of thousands of dollars in academic assistance is awarded to local students each year. Scholarship Endowment Funds financially assist a variety of students including high school graduates, students already attending college, and returning adult education students. Scholarships can be used by students pursuing community college, technical school, or traditional university degrees. This year, scholarship awards range from $500-$8,000 each year. Since 1984, Community Foundation of Henderson County’s Scholarship Program has awarded more than $7 million to over 2,000 students.
The Foundation’s Scholarship Committee volunteers contribute a significant amount of time reviewing applications, interviewing students, and making award recommendations to Community Foundation’s Board of Directors. The scholarship recipients this year include future teachers, nurses, engineers, writers, and inspiring leaders, many of whom expressed the desire to return to the Henderson County community.
“Along with generous donors, we are thrilled to congratulate this year’s recipients and continue to be impressed by CFHC award recipients who continue their educational journey with support from these scholarships,” shares Wendy Hamil, Donor Services Manager. “We live in a unique community of caring people here in Henderson County, all of whom see the value in education. For that, we are truly grateful.”

Here are the scholarship winners:
• American Legion, Post 77, Hubert M. Smith Scholarship, Kaylie Orr
• William C. Armstrong Scholarship, Michael Keen
• Dan Barber, III/Western Auto Award, Olivia Payne
• Millard Beal & Family Scholarship, Jalon Blackwell
• Millard Beal & Family Scholarship, Emma Wilson
• Bright Futures Scholarship, Anna Roberts
• Bright Futures Scholarship,Ian Wright
• Janet Layne Spence Scholarship, Margaret Ann Littauer
• Betsy Copolillo and Sam Gash Scholarship, Emily Phillips
• Amy Duryee Courtenay Scholarship, Molli Clark
• John T. Coates Civil Engineering Scholarship, Zikander Perez-Sanchez
• Lorina Culpepper Career in Nursing Scholarship, Zoe Durrall, Cara Hall, Yolanda Strong
• David and Betty Bucher Engineering Scholarship, Nathaniel Baird
• David and Betty Bucher Nursing Scholarship, Kendall Guinn
• Jane and Tom Davis Scholarship, Neftali Casimiro-Sandoval
• Denis Barton Scholarship, Joreeca Dinnall
• Jenice Schlein Denning Scholarship, Marisela Rodriguez
• Rita & Ray Dunk: Piano & Performance Scholarship, Austin Furstenberg; Accounting Scholarship, William Capell
• Kermit Edney Scholarship, Emma Barber
• Robert & Sandra Edwards Waggoner Memorial Scholarship, Ava Treadway, Paisley Stepp
• Elizbeth DeVilling Environmental Odyssey Scholarship, Riley Musselwhite
• Francis H. and Margery T. Escott Scholarship, Seth Gunning
• Grace B. Etheredge Scholarship, Hannah Boersma
• Grace B. Etheredge BRCC Scholarship, Brooks Marshall
• H. Louise Eaton Scholarship, Lexie Gunter
• Friends of Carl Sandburg Donald E. Hubbs Scholarship, Mace Klein
• Friends of Carl Sandburg Miles Sollom Scholarship, Adelaide DiMeglio
• William Elliott Frye Memorial Scholarship, Preston Veach
• Katharine Schneider Gettman Scholarship, Ashlyn Ramsey
• James P. Grey Scholarship, Taylor Edwards
• James P. Grey Scholarship, Jacqueline Elmore
• Maude and Harvey Goehring Scholarship, Ana Trejo Ramirez
• Haddy Harrington Memorial Scholarship, Joshua Gardner
• John Brooks Williams Memorial Scholarship, Braden Elkins
• Arthur R. Hill Memorial Scholarship, Brendan Macdonald
• Joe T. Hunt Memorial Scholarship, Jesse Baldwin
• Hendersonville Women’s Club Scholarship, Reece Wilson
• S.E. and Juanita Johnston Scholarship for Agriculture, Eric Perry
• MLC Scholarship for Teaching Math, Madeline Duchesne
• Elsie Mabel Jones Scholarship, Abigail Corn
• Chat Jones Memorial Scholarship, Sylvia Burroughs
• Donald D. and Joan B. Joyce Scholarship, Tyler Walkup
• Eleanor M. Kutchoodon Scholarship, Sydney Foster
• T. Llyle and Marion S. Keith Scholarship, Anslee Kilgore
• Anthony Kushigian (Normac) Scholarship, Eric Rasheed
• Morris Kaplan Kiwanis Scholarship, Nicholas Moore
• Ethel T. & Charles T. Larus Educational Scholarship, Ann Garner, Jeremy Hu
• Helen F. Lindner Educational Fund Scholarship, Hunter Joseph Poturaj
• Passage to the Future Scholarship, Arely Perez
• Mary Evelyn & Harry Laurent Scholarship, Victoria Knight, Jonathan Ross Davis
• George F. and Asha W. McMillan Scholarship, Lexie Gunter
• Lucile V. Means Scholarship, Nizon Peterkin
• Fredrick E. Meyer Scholarship, Summer Johnson
• Ralph A. Milliman Scholarship, Bella Morgan
• Bree Elizabeth Miller Memorial Scholarship, Audrey Stevens
• Sam A. Mills Memorial Scholarship, Kyiah Coffey
• Duane M. and Margaret D. McKibbin Scholarship, Blake Veach
• Mountain Laurel Scholarship, Saivian Waters
• Clyde T. and Wilma G. Moore Scholarship, Taylor Edwards
• Toby L. Mapes: Fire Protection Technology Scholarship, Rebecca Giordano
• Glenn C. Marlow Scholarship, Maggie Dotti
• Matching Scholarship, Jazmine Blankenship
• Thomas Oliver & Louise Jordan Mulcahy Scholarship, David Montoya, Andrew Schultz, Katriel Davis
• Nagel Scholarship, Victor Arzate-Garcia
• Hilary G. Neighbors (GENERAL) Scholarship, Halle Vazquez
• Jan F. & Harry J. Nolan Women’s Educational Fund Scholarship, Miranda Hill
• Helga Nielsen Scholarship, Olivia Giacomaro, Kassondra Griffin
• Dan and Amy Fisher Pace Scholarship, Abigail Corn
• Rebecca S. Poole Scholarship, Mason Pittman
• L.B. Prince Memorial Scholarship, Kaelyn Calloway
• John Paul Raywood Scholarship, Joshua Gates
• Charlie Renfrow Trust Scholarship, Hayden Thompson
• Vena Case Robinson Memorial Scholarship, Cecelia Cagle
• Odell Rouse Memorial Scholarship, Avery Bryner, Ja’Vair Kilgore
• Russell Boyd Thomas Scholarship, Isaac Allen
• Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship, Lucas Crowe
• Vina L. & Richard C. Sauer Scholarship, Paisley Stepp, Laura Shelton, Christina Slawek
• CFHC General Scholarship, Jose Santeliz Cifuentes
• Pat Shepherd Second Mile Scholarship, Lillie Connet
• Kristen Sue Shetterly Memorial Scholarship, Gabriela Magallan Aguilar
• Sigrun M. Mapes Nursing Scholarship, Miranda Hill
• Andrea Davies Skillman Scholarship, Emory Jane Hogan
• James Smith Memorial Scholarship, Reese Shrader
• Arthur & Lois Jean Stuenkel Scholarship, Jenna Patterson
• George & Helen Stowell General Scholarship, Berit Raines, Ashlie Steppe
• Kenneth R. Stull and Virginia M. Stull Scholarship, William Bell
• Henderson County Educational Scholarship, Annelise Eidt
• Robert B. Tonjes Scholarship, Olivia Skinner
• Tracy Grove Community Club Scholarship, Molli Clark
• Valley Clinic Scholarship, Galadrial (Becky) Patrick
• VFW Hendrick Rhodes Post 5206 Scholarship, Lydia Edmisten
• Dr. Corbin O. Williams Memorial Scholarship, Rachel DeGuzman
• Lula & Levi Wilson Scholarship, Kalisha Price
• Tom Wilson Scholarship Fund, Katherine Graham
• Dirk and Paige Willms Scholarship, Jakob Olsen
• John P. and Mary Ann Wold Scholarship, Jadyn Hicks, Francisco Rangel, Alexander Keever
• Gregory Stephen Wright “Crossroads” Scholarship, Jenna Patterson
• Maria’s Fund Scholarship, Kylee Haynes

Applications for 2024-25 scholarships will open on Community Foundation of Henderson County’s website,, in November of 2023. For more information about establishing a scholarship fund or donating to an existing scholarship fund, contact Community Foundation at (828) 697-6224.