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ECO invites nominations for greenness

ECO, the Environmental and Conservation Organization, is soliciting applications for the 2013 Green Business Award and Recognition.

Organizations that have made significant steps toward sustainability receive a window display emblem and publicity. The business with the most outstanding accomplishments will receive the 2013 Environmental Stewardship Award. Deadline for submission is March 18.
A number of recent studies have demonstrated that even in a poor economic climate, consumers are increasingly making purchasing decisions based on how serious a business is about environmental stewardship.
To be meaningful, business practices should span the range of activities:
• Procurement of Goods - Sourcing products locally and regionally as well as minimize packaging.
• Sales and Service - How do businesses minimize the use of bags/boxing.
• Utilities/Building/Equipment/Supplies - Is the business using an existing building, recently had an energy audit, reduced electricity/gas/water usage in a quantifiable way.
• Employees - Do they encourage walking/biking to work, provide a "sustainable wage" and benefits?
• Minimize Waste - How do they reuse items internally, recycle cardboard, bottles, paper and encourage their customers to do the same.
• Community - How do they support local community activities and enrichment.

To receive recognition, a locally own business may complete the Environmental Stewardship Award application available at:
and submit it to ECO 121 Third Avenue West, Hendersonville NC 28792 (692-0385).
ECO will award a certificate based on significant steps in at least three of six categories earns a certificate to display. Outstanding achievements will earn the Environmental Stewardship Award, to be presented in April 2013.