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City cites 20 properties for cleanup

The Hendersonville City Council ordered the cleanup or removal of nuisance conditions of 20 properties at the property owner's expense during its regular meeting on Thursday.

Zoning Administrator Susan Frady had notified the property owners of the nuisance condition and the problem was not corrected, she said in a memo to the council. This time of year, most nuisance conditions are the result of overgrown yards and tall weeds. In some cases, the city will cite yards or lots full of trash.

City officials say the problem is made harder to remedy because they often cannot reach personnel at banks and other financial institutions that own vacant foreclosed property. The council ordered the cleanup of 20 properties, charging the cost to the property owner. The charge if unpaid remains a lien on the property.
The property owners and locations were:

  • Certus Bank – 109 1st Avenue East
  • Langdon Cooper/ TD Bank – 111 Florence Street
  • Bank of America, NA – 1315 E. Bane Street
  • Susan Harrow – 806 3rd Avenue West
  • Hermanita Doster & Johnita Marable – 733 3rd Avenue West
  • Audrey Graham – 616 3rd Avenue West
  • Johnson Law Firm – 1st Avenue West
  • Hope Development Management – 110 Gravel Street
  • Donald & Natalia Pridemore – 120 S. Whitted Street
  • George & Lynn Gosnell – 423 Algeria Street
  • Developers Investment Co. Inc. – 321 Thompson Street
  • Christopher & Joy Capps – 1201 N. Main Street
  • Mary Ella Myers – 7th Avenue West
  • Milton Westcott Robbins – N. Oak Street.
  • Maria E. Boyd – 821 N. Oak Street
  • Eastside Associates, LLC – 1828 N. Main Street
  • Eastside Associates, LLC – vacant lot N. Main & Signal Hill Rd.
  • The Hodges Co. – 1000 7th Avenue East
  • Stewardship Fund LP – 616 Ashe Street
  • Raymond Featherstone & Wife – 623 E. Pace Street