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Haz Mat spill closes Continental Teves

At approximately 3:50 AM emergency responders were advised of a hazardous materials spill involving hydrochloric acid at the Continental Teves plant off of NC 280 between Mills River and Fletcher.

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Approximately 4500 gallons of 33% hydrochloric acid had leaked into a safety holding area and is fully contained within the building. Approximately 80 employees were evacuated from the building and emergency personnel are on the scene as cleanup procedures begin.

All surrounding businesses are open with no further evacuation plans anticipated at this time.

The Continental Teves plant has been inspected by the regional hazmat team. Emergency responders are scaling back operations and awaiting the arrival of a hazardous material cleanup team.

The Haz Mat material holding area has contained all of the spilled product as safety procedures in place were fully effective. The plant will be closed for several hours as clean up procedures are ongoing.