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State schools chief to meet Marlow's 'Shining Stars'

State schools Superintendent June Atkinson will visit Glenn Marlow Elementary School next week as the keynote speaker for the school's Shining Star Showcase, the culmination of a 10-week program that helps girls "shine" from the inside out.


Developed by Glenn Marlow School Counselor Lindsay Davis and AIG Specialist Lynne Fender, the Shine program is designed to inspire young girls by providing them an opportunity to be empowered by role models and understand what it means to be a successful woman in today's society.

Atkinson will meet with the girls when she attends the Shining Star Showcase on April 10.

"I like Shine because it helped me understand what girls around the world feel like and how they can overcome and achieve their dreams," said Cadence, fifth grade Shine member.

As a group activity, the "Shine" girls created dream boards to be showcased in the school's theater. These dream boards include details concerning short-term and long-term plans for self-improvement, both personally and professionally. The girls are taking time to decide what goals they would like to achieve and then displaying these goals for their family and friends to see.
"The girls have made so many great goals, and by making these dream boards they are not only solidifying their dreams but making a statement to themselves and to others that they will achieve these goals," Fender said.