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Zoro the crime-fighting canine retires

Zoro, who has hip trouble, retired at age 8. Zoro, who has hip trouble, retired at age 8.

Zoro, an 8-year Czech shepherd, got his retirement papers Thursday night from the Hendersonville City Council.

The 86-pound tracker, drug sniffer and "bite dog" and handler Jimmy Case appeared before the council for recognition and a thank you.
Zoro, it might be said, is being sidelined on medical disability. He has a chronic problem with muscles tearing away from his hip.
"They go from red light to green light just like that," Sgt. Case said, speculating that the lack of warmup time for the crime-fighting canine might have contributed to the hip trouble. "I don't work hurt and I don't expect him to."
Case took Zoro to two different veterinarians to see if anything could be done. One said he could make the dog comfortable for two months or six months but could not guarantee a longterm repair of the hip damage. Case will take his furry partner home and let him live in comfort in retirement.
"He's retired, well, I guess as of tonight," he said.