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Bryant's new role is 'how to succeed in business'

Lisa K. Bryant is director of the Flat Rock Playhouse. Lisa K. Bryant is director of the Flat Rock Playhouse.

“Studio 52 is meant to encompass all ages, K through adult through professional development. This summer, with these particular classes, we are offering two adult one-week camps, one for filmmaking, one for acting. This summer is just the first sort of tiered introduction. What I expect to see happen is we use the summer to really market to families beyond our borders because these same families are spending exorbitant amounts of money to send their kids to film school at these other locations. We’re offering the same caliber of training at a significantly lower price point than these other places and now we’re living in an area, putting those heads in beds in our hotels, having them spend money in our restaurants and our shops.”

You’ve brought back a lot of Vagabonds. What are your thoughts on that?
“I love it. I’m a product of it. I think it’s about balance. We’ve been so far one way and so far another way. It’s a comment that I get from a lot of people and it’s something that I did think about in the beginning — that I had the opportunity to be this sort of bridge. … I appreciate the tradition and can appreciation what was wonderful about having a company of people year after year for the whole season. It breeds care-taking, it breeds responsibility, it breeds commitment to good work. But I also love bringing in new people. … Everybody that asks to come back, the first reason that they want to come back is because they want to be here. It’s a really magical place, and they want to be able to do what they love in this place.”

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