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Welcome to the Hendersonville Lightning!

Welcome to, the fastest name in media.


We have been working on this project for many months, and later on, when I'm not sleep deprived and wrung out by too much coffee and too many tedious fixes under the hood of this beasty vehicle, I want to share the story of how it all came about.

Semi-CloseFor now, to the question of why I did this, I'll give the short answer, one that has the benefit of being true. Because you asked me to.

I am more than happy to oblige.

We've worked literally night and day to launch Others deserve the credit. My web designer Drew Hannush (and his trusty programmer Jason — I don't even know Jason's last name (I sure hope it's Cody) — have done the nuts and bolts of this website, which beautifully carries out a vision of many small-town local newspapers on one platform.

The unflappable Denise Ward, production manager, designer, news clerk, phone receptionist and always steady hand, has in one week pulled off an amazingly long list of tasks.

I hope when you see ad director Paula Roberts around town you'll give her a chair to rest in, a kind word, and — oh, yeah — a hefty check for an advertisement on line or in our weekly print edition.

This really is just the beginning. You can subscribe to the weekly print version by clicking on Subscribe — how clever of us! — right under the weather. Speaking of under the weather, I gotta get outa here.

My gratitude runneth over for many many other friends who have helped get this amazing flying machine off the ground. You know who you are.

My thanks in advance goes to all of you who will read and support the Hendersonville Lightning and in the days and the weeks and the years to come.

So enjoy. I look forward to your feedback. Write me at If you stop me on the street and say "I was struck by something I saw on your website" I will be forever in your debt.

I hope we have debugged the site completely but if we left off a nut or got something cross-threaded I'm sure Drew and Jason and Denise will find it soon enough and fix it.

Until we meet again, I remain, your faithful servant, and cantankerous editor,

Bill Moss

Hendersonville Lightning

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