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Trump fans cheer the Republican nominee in Fletcher

Military veterans Jim Underwood, 67, of Flat Rock, and Chuck McDonald, 62, of Dana, show their support for Donald J. Trump. Military veterans Jim Underwood, 67, of Flat Rock, and Chuck McDonald, 62, of Dana, show their support for Donald J. Trump.

A sea of Trump supporters wearing red “Make America Great Again” ball caps poured into the Davis Arena at the WNC Agriculture Center Friday to rally for Donald J. Trump and cheer his appeal to cap with victory "a movement that people in this country and throughout the world have never seen before."

“In 18 days, you’re gonna look back at this election and say this is by far the most important vote you’ve ever cast for anyone at any time," the Republican nominee said.

Trump opened his speech by declaring that the ‘Women for Trump’ signs are his favorite and observing that he sees no lack of female voters at his rallies.
He ticked off the differences between his campaign and Hillary Clinton’s, asserting that he will lower taxes while she would raise them.
Trump mocked the effectiveness of a U.S.-supported invasion by Iraqi troops to retake Mosul, saying what should have been “a sneak attack” was announced three months ahead of time, allowing the leaders of ISIS to flee. “We’re too predictable,” he said.
“What do you have to lose?” he asked African Americans and Latino voters after lamenting the distressed conditions in America’s inner cities. “We will be a rich nation once again. But to be a wealthy nation again we must also be a safe nation. Our national security at the border is a mess, very unsafe, very terrible.”
To solve this problem he repeated the line popular with his supporters: “We are going to build a wall.”
Before the rally, Trump supporters mingled near the stage, waiting to catch the first glimpse of Trump.
“I supported him from day one,” said Hendersonville resident Ed Robinson, who was sporting a red Trump shirt and hat. “We don’t need a continuation of the last 8 years. We need someone truthful and not lying like Hillary is.”
Wearing a “basket of deplorables” T-shirt, Fletcher resident Dan Taddi said: “We need to correct the broken political system and go back 200 years to the way our founding fathers intended it to be.”
“Trump is the best thing that’s come along,” said Ann Hertzberg of Lake Toxaway said. “I love what he says and what he wants to do.”
Chuck McDonald, 62, of Sugarloaf/Dana area, said he is voting for Donald Trump because he thinks he will adhere to the Constitution, especially the Second Amendment and freedom of religion. “He’s going to cut taxes and put people back to work,” McDonald said.
Jim Underwood, 67, of Flat Rock, thinks it’s time for a change..
“I don’t like Obama or Hillary,” he said. “I don’t like taking prayer out of schools.”
A Hendersonville native, Dan Brown, 67, served in Vietnam as a Green Beret.
“I’m here for the vets,” he said.
Dan Triplett, 40, carried his son, Jasper, on his back.
“I’m not voting for Hillary. I don’t trust her,” he said. “Her husband can get away with anything. Bill did worse when he was president. I don’t 100 percent trust Trump either, but I do have hope that we can make progress in D.C.”
Fletcher resident Brandon Netto, 18, said he is voting for Trump “to make America great again.”
Three female students holding ‘Women for Trump’ signs expressed their concerns after the rally.
Kealey McDaniels, 18, said, “I don’t support Hillary because she is a liar and I want to prevent a supreme court shift.”
Blue Ridge Community College student Hannah Smith, 21, of Mills River, said, “Trump wants best and he tells it like it is.”

U.S. Rep. Mark Meadows opened the rally and urged the crowd to support Trump.
“The Constitution is being eroded," he said. "We need to stand up for the Constitution, especially Second Amendment rights."