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Ask Matt ... where deputies train now

Q. We have read about the need for law enforcement training facilities but where do sheriff’s deputies train now?

I pitched the question to Allison Nock with the Henderson County Sheriff’s Office. Nock said that deputies go to a number of different venues to meet their certification requirements. For firearms training, the only inside range they use is the NC Justice Academy in Edneyville. Naturally Academy classes have priority and County deputies must book their range time well in advance.
Tactical training such as SWAT (Special Weapons and Tactics) may take the deputies to an outdoor range in Rutherford County. “We do not routinely pay for the use of out-of-county training sites as long as we use our own instructors however there are some exceptions such as explosive ordnance disposal, K-9 certification, sniper certification, and specialized investigative courses,” said Nock.
Our state requires that law enforcement officers must complete 24 hours of annual training. Detention officers (jailers) and telecommunication officers (911 dispatchers) must complete 16 hours. Nock said that the Sheriff’s deputies far exceed these requirements. The Sheriff’s Office has a working relationship with Camp Pinewood and Camp Blue Star and during the off-season they use their property for K-9 training. Camp Green Cove has also allowed tactical training to be conducted at their camp.
Hendersonville Police Chief Herbert Blake said that his officers hold firearms training at the WNC Justice Academy and at the Bear Arms Range in Brevard, an indoor range. Fletcher police officers qualify and train at the Justice Academy.

Q. With so many restaurants in Henderson County, where do the managers find their help?

Most downtown restaurants use the old fashioned one-page job application. In fact, during my inquiry I was honored to be handed a few forms myself. There are some 375 food service establishments in Henderson County. The national turnover rate in the restaurants and accommodations sector is 72 percent. That aside, I’m guessing that locally there may be some 2,500 jobs each year that need filling.
Brooke Comden, who manages West First Pizza, uses a paper application but she occasionally uses an online site such as Craigslist if there is a pressing need. I spoke with one Main Street restaurant employee who said is a good place to look for a job. A lady bartender at Hannah Flanagan’s shared that they don’t use online sites because of low restaurant turnover.
A quick look turned up openings for three local food chains. is a major employment site but a search for Hendersonville “servers, waiters, waitresses” was disappointing. The website turned out to be the motherlode with 600 area jobs and a good balance between restaurant chains and mom & pops. Some eateries put signs in the window. One restaurant manager told me that that “help wanted” signs are politically incorrect “now hiring” signs are the norm.

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