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KnollsCam: Back-scratching bears, pole dancing bears, critters drinking, oh my

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It's been a busy fall at Thomas Brass's outdoor studio for wildlife.

The candid camera catching critters atop Haywood Knolls has gotten film of a brazen bear (this one near Brass's house), a pole dancing bear (he sped up the film and added music for effect) and raccoon, possum, deer, coyote and a black bear visiting a new water hole Brass installed at the usual filming spot.

"Black bears are much bolder and more active at this time of year as they put on weight for winter," says Brass. "This one walked through the moss garden along the edge of the driveway on Monday as I stood in the driveway watching."

Here's the latest hits:

Back scratching bear

Critters at the watering hole

Pole dancing bear