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Lightning launches digital access offer

To our readers:

For 7½ years, we've offered our full menu of newsstories, photos, community news briefs, enterprise, in-depth reporting and scoops to the community free on our website while readers of the print version pay to subscribe or buy the paper one at a time from news racks or stores. That's changing now.

We've launched a digital access offer for the website. After two free stories, the website will direct you to the subscribe page. Readers can sign up for one year of unlimited access (all our content) for $59.99. Not only that, you'll be able to add home delivery of the print issue by U.S. mail at no extra charge. That's right. $59.99 for All Access and for the Lightning delivered to your home. (Even better deals are available for two- or three-year subscriptions.)

account number hendersonville lightningImportant note: Current subscribers get All Access (all the website content) at no extra charge. Everyone will have to create an account. We've loaded all the print subscribers into the system. You'll be asked to write down your subscriber number from the label (at right).

If you need help, call us at 828-698-0407. We'll look you up.

For the past 7½ years we've been humbled and grateful to hear praise for the Lightning, for covering the news, printing (and posting) community news briefs and photos, publishing enterprise and in-depth reporting, writing profiles of interesting people and practicing a brand of journalism that a community the quality of Hendersonville and Henderson County deserves. We have a passion for it. People tell us it shows. Two notable comments about the Lightning have reached us over the past year: "It's the most important thing to happen in Henderson County in the past 10 years." "It's the thinking person's newspaper."

Now we're asking all readers to join the loyal friends of the Lightning who have been supporting us financially all along. You're welcome to call us or send an email with concerns, ideas and questions. Or to read us a credit card number.

Thank you for reading the Lightning. Thank you in advance for your support.

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Bill Moss
Lightning editor