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Teen-age accomplices get 13 years in Corn murder

Terry Landrum and Mykel Waters received prison sentences of at least 13 years today after they entered guilty pleas in Henderson County Criminal Superior Court in connection with the murder of Oscar "Poochie" Corn, District Attorney Jeff Hunt said in a news release.

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Mr. Corn was a resident of Henderson County. Steven Ramirez was recently convicted of the first degree murder of Mr. Corn which occurred on April 10, 2009. Superior Court Judge Mark Powell conducted the trial and sentenced Ramirez to life without parole on the first degree murder charge. In addition he received two consecutive sentences of 117 to 150 months on the robbery with a dangerous weapon and first degree burglary. These sentences are to run consecutively to the life without parole sentence. Ramirez was sentenced to an additional 20 to 24 months for the second degree burglary, to run consecutive to all other sentences.
 Waters and Landrum pleaded guilty  to conspiracy to commit first degree murder, first degree burglary and second degree burglary and robbery with a dangerous weapon. Mykel Waters was sentenced to 163-214 months in the North Carolina Department of Correction. Terry Lee Landrum was sentenced to 163-215 months in the Department of Correction.

Defendant Waters was age 17 at the time of the crimes; and defendant Waters was age 16. Both pleaded guilty in connection with their parts in Mr. Corn's murder. Being under 18 years of age neither could under North Carolina law face the death penalty in the death of Mr. Corn. Both fully cooperated with the State and testified for the State in the prosecution of Steven Ramirez, who was 34 years of age and who was convicted of first degree murder; and they admitted their own involvement.

Testimony revealed that Ramirez was the "trigger man" who shot Mr. Corn in the back of the head which resulted in his death. Mr. Corn's wife, Joyce, was present and was injured during the home invasion that night; and she addressed the Court at the sentencing.

Waters and Landrum were minors when they committed these horrible crimes. North Carolina law requires that they receive some consideration because of their ages and their total cooperation in the Ramirez prosecution and conviction.