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'Carrotmob' set to green up Jonga Java

The Environmental & Conservation Organization is organizing Hendersonville's first Carrotmob at Jongo Java at 117 S. Main St. on Thursday, Nov. 15, from noon to 7 p.m.


The carrotmob movement began four years ago to help provide local businesses with the financial ability to make solid green changes. In California, where the movement began, consumers came out in large numbers to support a local market's promise to put a percentage of profit toward energy efficiency upgrades.

The carrotmob model is simple: a business makes an agreement to put profits from the carrotmob toward something positive (for example, energy efficiency), supportive consumers come out and make purchases (the "carrotmob"), then the business makes the change with the profits gained from the consumers. The concept behind the movement encourages consumer-driven change that is ultimately the opposite of a boycott. The model benefits everyone involved.
Given the support that businesses and residents have shown to create a "greener" community, Hendersonville's own Environmental & Conservation Organization saw the opportunity to bring carrotmobbing to WNC.

ECO has already developed the Green Business Challenge that recognizes businesses that are taking steps to be more environmentally sustainable, but wanted to encourage more businesses to move in that direction. The carrotmob movement provides a simple, effective, and visible pathway to encourage businesses to find new ways to become environmentally sustainable.
The first Hendersonville carrotmob will be at Jongo Java on November 15th at 12-7pm.

Jongo Java jumped on the idea of being carrotmobbed, and has offered to put 75% of profits from a carrotmob toward energy efficient lighting. Jongo Java is always searching for new ways to reduce their impact on the environment, but this particular change proved difficult due to the upfront cost. This carrotmob is designed to help them afford the cost of purchasing highly efficient and long-lasting LED lights.
ECO is calling on the community to come out and enjoy a cup of coffee, a smoothie, or home-baked goods in support of Jongo Java's desire to reduce their environmental impact. Being a carrotmobber is a fun and easy job. Carrotmobbers can expect a full line of organic coffee drinks, smoothies, and baked goods.