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Local Tea Party joins nationwide protest against IRS

The Asheville Tea Party Incorporated will gather to protest what it calls the IRS abuse of power and to reaffirm Asheville Tea Party's support for the Fair Tax that will eliminate the out-of-control IRS on Tuesday.

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The protest will take place at the IRS Office at 151 Patton Avenue, Asheville, NC 28801.

Asheville Tea Party is joining other citizen groups across the country on Tuesday for a national day of protest of the IRS's  treatment of conservative groups.

"Asheville Tea Party, Incorporated, has been one such group that was repeatedly told since 2012 that we were not a tax exempt organization, a 501(c) 3. Losing our tax exempt status affects donations. We were told that we would have to file again as a 501(c)4, but the paper work never came which added to the frustration of filing our 2012 tax return,"  Chairwoman Jane Bilello said in a news release.

Additionally, "The Asheville Tea Party (ATP) has been registered on the North Carolina Secretary of State page since April 2009 as a 501 (c) 3. The IRS accepted ATP's 1023 tax exempt filing form in April 2012 along with the filing fee. After the filing, we were getting phone calls from the IRS that we were not a tax exempt organization because of our 'activities.' We promote education forums including the annual We Read the Constitution Day, workshop about our Founders and the Constitutional principles upon which our nation was founded."