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Smiley's a big donor to O'Connor

Grady Hawkins raised $1,876 and loaned his campaign $3,000 in his successful bid to unseat incumbent Commissioner Bill O'Connor on May 8, campaign reports show.

Hawkins reported raising $423 in small donations of $50 or less and $1,350 more from donors who gave at least $100. Among the donors was Glen Englram, a Tea Party member who had switched from supporting O'Connor to Hawkins.
O'Connor outraised Hawkins, reporting $2,208. The largest donor was Smiley's Flea Market owner Ben Campen. O'Connor last summer supported the flea market when it sought permission from the Board of Commissioners to sell animals. The commissioner said the county should not interfere with private enterprise.
Hawkins defeated O'Connor with 44.6 percent of the vote to the incumbent's 20.1 percent.
In another filing, Friends of Park Ridge Hospital reported spending $111 to print handouts in support of candidates who opposed Pardee Hospital's proposed health care campus in Fletcher in partnership with Mission Hospitals. Paul Donahue, a Park Ridge supporter, contributed $125, the report said.
Committee to Elect Grady Hawkins
Contributions: $1,876
Loan from candidate: $3,000.
Donations totaling $423 from 10 individuals of $50 or less (donors do not have to be identified under state law).
Listed donors:
Bill Farrell, Hendersonville, $100.
Fielding Lucas, Hendersonville, $100.
Joe Pirog, Flat Rock, $100.
L.C. Boyd Jr., Hendersonville, $100.
Marilyn Gordon, Hendersonville, $100.
Don Goldstein, Hendersonville, $100.
Bobby Crisp, Hendersonville, $100.
Jack Summey, Hendersonville, $250.
Jerald Summey, Hendersonville, $100.
William McKibbin, Flat Rock, $100.
Glen Englram, Hendersonville, $200.
Margaret McKibbin, Flat Rock, $100.

Christian Web Design, Fletcher, $764.
Henderson County Board of Elections, filing fee, $104.
Victory Store, door hangers and campaign signs, $1,465.
Office Max, Arden, business cards, $16.36.
Asheville Savings Bank, $5.28.
Opportunity House, meeting room rental, $160.
Times-News, advertising, $559.56.
In-kind contributions from candidate: $1,211.86.

Friends to Elect O'Connor
Donations totaling $123 from three individuals of $50 or less.
Listed donors:
Robert V. Staton, Flat Rock, $100.
Mary Mathews, Horse Shoe, $250.
Gain Keenan, Mills River, $100.
Edward Nuckolls, Hendersonville, $100.
John C. Crook, Hendersonville, $200.
Scott Garrison, Hendersonville, $100.
Bruce Pope, Hendersonville, $100.
Ben Campen, Fletcher, $1,234.81.

Young Creative, Hendersonville, $2615.68
Board of Elections, Hendersonville, $104.

Friends of Park Ridge Hospital PAC
Treasurer, Owen Spencer, Horse Shoe (retired from Park Ridge)
Contributions: Paul M. Donahue, $125.
Expenditures: First Citizens Bank, printing checks, $16.63
Academy Press, Fletcher, printing handouts, $111.