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ECO sets another 'carrotmob' downtown

The Environmental and Conservation Organization of Western North Carolina has set a second "carrotmob" to help businesses get greener.

The carrotmob held at Jongo Java on Nov. 15 received support from 173 carrotmobbers with nearly $1000 in sales. Jongo Java pledged to put 75 percent of the profits toward energy efficient lighting.

"With the amount of money the carrot mob raised, we will be able to retrofit all our halogen fixtures with more efficient, long lasting, and eco-friendly LED lights thanks to the community's support," Jongo Java co-owner Daniel Smith said in a news release.

ECO second carrotmob, at The Dugout at 430 North Main Street, is designed to assist the restaurant in moving away from Styrofoam to-go containers to biodegradable wheat-fiber to-go boxes and paper cups. The target for this carrotmob will be $2,000 in sales to help The Dugout make the change. ECO called on the community to come out and support The Dugout in their effort to go green and support the success of a local business.
The Dugout serves a varied menu from salads and appetizers to wings, burgers, and hoagies. They have a selection of draft beers as well as soft drinks. Carrotmobbers can come out any time between 11am and 8pm for lunch or dinner, or simply for a snack or beer. The carrotmob will be held this coming Wednesday, December 5th. For more information, call ECO at (828) 692-0385 or visit To learn more about carrotmobbing, visit