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Pardee buys property adjacent to campus

Pardee Hospital has purchased a half-acre lot at the corner of Justice Street and Ninth Avenue and the medical office building of surgeons Allan D. Huffman and Thomas L. Eisenhauer on Sixth Avenue at Fleming Street. The land purchases, which closed in July, together cost just under $1 million.


Pardee bought the Justice Street property for $475,000 from William Lindsay Foster Jr. and his wife, Brenda Rice Foster. The land, just over a half acre, includes a vacant 2,100-square-foot house.
"As far as I know right now there are no immediate plans for that," said Tommy Thompson, one of two Henderson County commissioners who also serve on the Pardee Board of Directors. "Some time back — it was a (Pardee) board prior to my coming on board — they had always considered that any property that was contiguous to the hospital, they might have an interest in as far as growth (and would acquire it) so long as they could get it for a price that was not absolutely exorbitant.
"That's kind of a visionary thing," Thompson added. "Growth within the immediate campus has to happen just as well as growth outside in other areas. It's always important to own the land next to you."
Pardee bought the medical office building on the Pardee campus for $502,000 after the surgeons agreed to sell their practice to the hospital. The half-acre parcel and 1,700-square-foot medical office were valued on the tax rolls at $266,800.

The Ninth Avenue property "was previously identified by our Board as a strategic property to acquire since it is contiguous to our campus," said Pardee's Chief Strategy Officer Kris Peters. "When we were approached to purchase the property, we did so at fair market value. We plan to remove the structure and clear the underbrush, leaving the trees."

Pardee bought the property at Sixth and Fleming after acquiring Hendersonville Surgical Associates and merging the practice with the WNC Surgical Associates practice of Drs. Stuart Glassman, Lachlan D. Noyes and John M. Kogoy at 835 Fleming St. After a renovation, the Pardee Foundation will move into the former clinic on Sixth Avenue at Fleming.