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City invites residents to serve on advisory boards

The city of Hendersonville has openings on various advisory boards and committees and is looking for community-minded citizens to get involved with their local government.

“Boards, committees, and commissions are designed to give citizens a voice in their government,” said Hendersonville Mayor Barbara Volk. “The input our boards provide to City Council helps us make informed decisions and shapes the quality of life for our residents.”

The application deadline is 5 p.m. Monday, Nov. 15, to allow City Council to consider vacancies at its December meeting. The City often has advisory boards which consist of both City and County residents. Some of these boards require that persons reside in the county but within the City’s extraterritorial jurisdiction (ETJ) and some appointments are made through the County or other entity. Additional information regarding residency and appointment requirements are available on the City’s website.

Below are current and upcoming vacancies for the December 2021 appointment cycle:

  • Animal Services Advisory Committee – 1 City appointed vacancy for At-Large member (must be a veterinarian)
  • Board of Adjustment – 1 City appointed vacancy (must reside in City Limits)
  • Board of Adjustment – 1 County-appointed vacancy (must reside in City’s ETJ - apply with Henderson County)
  • Downtown Advisory Board Seventh Avenue Service District (MSD) Stakeholder – 1 City appointed vacancy (An MSD Stakeholder is defined as persons owning property within the Seventh Avenue municipal service district of the City of Hendersonville, or a business owner whose business is located within the Seventh Avenue municipal service district in the City of Hendersonville.)
  • Downtown Advisory Board – 2 City appointed vacancies (Members-At-Large)
  • Historic Preservation Commission – 4 City appointed vacancies (must reside in City Limits)
  • Housing Authority Board – Mayor Appointment - 2 vacancies (Members-At-Large)
  • Planning Board – 4 City appointed vacancies (must reside in City Limits)
  • Planning Board – 2 County appointed vacancies (must reside in City’s ETJ- apply with Henderson County)
  • Tree Board – 2 City appointed vacancies (must reside in City or City’s ETJ)
  • NEW: Stormwater Advisory Committee – multiple vacancies (City Council is soliciting applicants to gauge interest in the formation of a Stormwater Advisory Committee. All interested parties are encouraged to apply.)

Serving as a member of a board presents opportunities for citizens to become more involved with issues that affect the community and make a difference in their City. Additional information and an application to apply are available at For more information contact Angela Reece, City Clerk, at (828) 697-3005.