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State House resumes page program for high school juniors and seniors

Do you know a high school junior, or senior interested in learning more about state government and the legislature’s function?

After a two-year suspension, the North Carolina General Assembly will resume the House Page Program this spring. This program offers young men and women the opportunity to observe and participate in state government in a unique way. High School students between the ages of 15 and 18 can observe firsthand how laws are made and how the legislature operates. It is a program that allows them the privilege of working in the House Chamber during the legislative session.

Pages are important to the operation of the North Carolina General Assembly as they assist the Members and staff during the legislative session. They will have a close look at committee meetings, daily session, and the behind scenes work and be asked to perform errands within the legislative complex to assist the process.

The 2022 Short Session House Page Applications will be available online beginning Monday, April 4. The Page website can be accessed by visiting the following:

Information on Covid-19 and instructions for electronic submission of applications through the Dashboard are attached to this email.


  • Pages may only serve one time in the House.
  • Each Representative is allotted 1 Page appointment during the 2022 Short Session.
  • Only junior and senior high school students will be eligible to apply.
  • Check the House Page website for participant eligibility requirements and available dates to serve as a House Page.

Please note, House Pages are processed on a first-come, first-served basis. House Page applications are accepted until all weeks are full.

If you know someone interested, please have them apply quickly, as the spots do fill up.

Here is information on how to apply.