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Letter from local PBA president on sheriff endorsement

Statement by North Carolina Mountain Chapter Police Benevolent Association President Brandon McGaha on endorsement of Erik Summey.

On March 29th, the candidates for Henderson County Sheriff were invited to speak with the North Carolina Mountain Chapter of the Southern States Police Benevolent Association (SSPBA). The Mountain Chapter includes Henderson and other counties in Western North Carolina. The association is made up of local, state, and federal law enforcement officers, active and retired.
Sheriff Charlie McDonald declined to meet with the association. When asked by the Hendersonville Lightning as to why the sheriff stated," I saw where it was going pretty much when I got the questions in the mail," he said, "I know enough about the organization to know they weren't going to be happy with my answers.... They're a pretty liberal group anyway. The PBA has always been attached to a lot of gun control issues. They've got a tradition of endorsing usually not Republicans unless they're very liberal. I know they've endorsed some of our worst, most liberal presidents."
The sheriff's statements couldn't be further from the truth. The association does not endorse by political party, but by the issues. If the sheriff had concerns of not being endorsed it was due to his positions and not political party. Secondly, a simple visit to the association's website would have shown the Southern States PBA is pro-second amendment association which does not support the restriction of lawful gun ownership. Lastly, the Mountain Chapter and the SSPBA have endorsed and have a great relationship with conservative leadership.
Sheriff McDonald should remember we are not a large Washington political group. We are local law enforcement officers who love and raise our families currently under his leadership in Henderson County. The Mountain Chapter understands there are differences on issues and we are not looking for total agreement. We are looking for a leader willing to hear and be open to the issues. This is why our chapter endorsed Erik Summey in the republican primary for Henderson County Sheriff.