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Who filed for what

Here are candidates who have filed for office in the 2020 elections:


  • 11th Congressional District, Democrats: Steve Woodsmall, Gina Collias, Moe Davis, Michael O'Shea, Phillip G. Price.
  • 11th Congressional District, Green Party, Tamara Zwinak
  • 11th Congressional District, Libertarian: Tracey DeBruhl
  • 11th Congressional District, Republicans: Lynda Bennett, Jim Davis, Chuck Archwerd, Dan Driscoll, Joey Osborne, Steven Fekete Jr., Dillon S. Gentry, Wayne King, Madison Cawthorn, Matthew Burril, Vance Patterson, Albert Wiley Jr.
  • Henderson County School Board: Michael Absher, Blair Craven, Florence Allbaugh, Robert Bridges, Walter Doughty, Stacey Caskey, Ervin Bazzle.
  • Board of Commissioners: District 2, Charlie Messer, R; Debbie Roundtree, D; Royce Canty, D.
  • District 5, David Hill, R; Stephen Mace, R.
  • Clerk of Superior Court: Tyler Ray, R.
  • N.C. Senate District 48: Chuck Edwards, R; Brian Caskey, D; Najah Underwood, D; Cristal Figueroa, D.
  • N.C. House District 113: Jake Johnson, R; Sam Edney, D.
  • N.C. House District 117: Tim Moffitt, R; Dennis Justice, R; Josh Remillard, D; Danae Aicher, D.
  • Superior Court judge: Peter Knight, R.
  • District Court judges: T. McAvoy “Mack” Brittain, R; Mack McKeller, D; Emily Cowan, R; Kim Gasperson-Justice, R.