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Wanted: Runoff election workers (pays $170)

Wanted: poll workers for the June 23 runoff election for the Republican nomination for the vacant 11th Congressional District seat.

Good pay. Benefits include Personal Protective Equipment, serving the community.
Henderson County Elections Director Karen Hebb said the coronavirus threat has made it hard to fill the jobs.
“We had five quit over the weekend,” she said. “We were not going to use 17-year-olds but we’ve gotten to where we have got to call them. We can’t get the older people to work, so if their parents are willing to let them, we’re using 17-year-olds. We’re providing all kinds of protection — the masks, the gloves, the sneeze guards, hand sanitizer. We’ve got all kinds of equipment for poll workers and voters.”
The job of poll worker assistant pays $170 for one day’s work. Base pay is $155 plus $15 for training, which lasts about an hour.
“We need three in every precinct and we’ve got 35 precincts,” Hebb said. “A hundred and five is what we need and at one time we had that but they keep quitting. We had several of the older ones call this weekend to say they changed their mind and they’re not doing it.”