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Tom Bullard works restocking supplies in Pardee’s Cardiovascular Diagnostics Department. Tom Bullard works restocking supplies in Pardee’s Cardiovascular Diagnostics Department.

Tom Bullard

Pardee Hospital


What do you do in your volunteer job? 


I work at the main entrance at the information desk. We make sure everyone has a mask on, and we give directions if needed.  We will provide and push wheelchairs if they are needed. With some visitors or patients, we will walk them to their destination. We basically help them navigate through the hospital and answer questions. We can provide room numbers if needed. I also volunteer in the Cardiovascular Department. There, I make sure the blanket warmer stays full of warm blankets. I greet patients and take them to our waiting room. I take their paperwork and give it to the appropriate person. I will provide and push wheelchairs if necessary. I walk patients out when their test is completed.  

How long have you been volunteering?

I started volunteering in 2016 when I retired. I was looking for something to do and one of my friends suggested the hospital. I am glad they did.  

Why do you volunteer?  

I enjoy helping others, and I feel good about the services we provide. We try to make the experience of coming to Pardee a positive one. We have an awesome staff that provides quality and compassionate care.  I have worked with them as a patient, as a caregiver and as a volunteer. I can’t say enough good things about them.  

What is the best thing about volunteering?

 I think the people are the best thing - the staff, the volunteers and the patients. I feel like I am around family when I am at the hospital. It feels good to be able to help others even if it is something minor.  It feels like we are part of a team that is helping others.  

If someone is interested in volunteering, what advice would you give based on your own experience?

I would highly recommend it. There are a wide variety of volunteer tasks. I feel that there is something for everyone.  If you like helping others and being part of an awesome team, there is something for you at Pardee.