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Volunteer profile: Chuck White, Thrive

Chuck White Chuck White

Chuck White



What do you do in your volunteer job?

“I help pick and move furniture and donations and things like. I help load them, move them and set them up” at homes Thrive finds for clients.

How long have you been volunteering?

“About six months. I moved here about 11 years ago. I’m chair of the Joseph Center,” a ministry of First United Methodist Church.

Why do you volunteer?

“I was raise that way. My family didn’t grow up with a lot. We appreciated what we had and we tried to help other people when we had the chance.”

What’s the best thing about volunteering?

“Just knowing you’ve made the place a lot better that day.”

If someone is interested in volunteering, what is the best advice you would give based on your own experience?

“First thing would just be to volunteer. Have have that in your head and then second. look for something that’s meaningful to you. I’ve done a lot of stuff for folks that need housing and that’s always appealed to me because I’ve always had one. That’s part of what Thrive’s mission — to help folks who need housing. They find them housing and I help with some furniture.” That’s a lot of heavy lifting. Do you work out a lot? “This is how I work out a lot.”